Apple releases iPhone 12 Cook promotional video: show dust and water resistance in the kitchen

Apple released the “iPhone 12—Cook” promo on YouTube on March 13, showing a chef using an iPhone 12 mobile phone to look up recipes and unscrupulously cooking while using his mobile phone at the kitchen counter. In the promotional video, this iPhone 12 mobile phone has gone through a variety of harsh environments such as flour coverage, falling, splashing, and washing, and it is still undamaged. The following is the promotional video:

This iPhone has no film and is equipped with a protective cover. It is randomly placed on a cutting board and subjected to shocks and kitchen utensils. At the end of the film, the phone fell onto the cutting board of the sink, with stains all over the back. Subsequently, the chef took it to the faucet to rinse with the mobile phone on.

Apple showed in the subtitles that the iPhone 12 is “more durable than ever.” But in the scene of washing the iPhone, the Apple subtitles also pointed out that “waterproof performance may be reduced as the phone is used. It is recommended to rinse with water only when the phone is particularly dirty.”

Mobile phone accessories mall learned. Apple iPhone 12 series mobile phones were released in 2020. All series adopt Ceramic Shield super-ceramic crystal panels and support IP68 level protection. The waterproof performance of the mobile phone has been improved compared to the iPhone 11. The official said that it can last for 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters. There is a foreign media test. Two iPhone 12 phones were rinsed in 5.5 meters of water for 30 minutes, and they could still work normally after being taken out; they were still not damaged after being placed in 10.7 meters of running water for 21 minutes.

According to previous reports, “A Canadian iPhone 11 dropped into the bottom of the lake for 6 months, and it can still be turned on and used normally after being taken out.” Only the earpiece and speaker of this phone were damaged, but other functions were intact.

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