Samsung defines the king of all-round machines? S21 Ultra 5G wins high-end flagship

What kind of phone is Samsung S21 Ultra 5G? After a period of hands-on experience, the word “omnipotent” may be more accurate to describe its state. The screen, camera module, game performance, software optimization, battery life, all aspects you can think of, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is not stingy, and it has made this most capable high-end flagship.

One thing that must be said about the appearance part is that Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is a real phone that is more stunning than the picture. Before the official renderings were released, the backplane design was enough to catch the eye, and the real machine can feel the uniqueness of its design at close range. The Samsung S21 Ultra 5G adopts an integrated design. With superb cutting technology, the round and smooth camera module edge of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G precision forged is smoothly connected with the metal frame. The unique metal texture makes people like it the more they look. The front screen look and feel is also very shocking. I have talked about its screen-to-body ratio many times before. In fact, the hand experience is still surprised. The 6.8-inch INFINITY-O full-view screen makes people love it. Adapt to 120Hz refresh rate, to achieve a smoother viewing experience. The front is centered with a hole and an ultra-narrow bezel. This may be the most visually stunning mobile phone among all models on sale in the new year.

In terms of performance, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is equipped with the strongest Snapdragon chip, which is also in line with Samsung’s consistent taste. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is equipped with the first 5-nanometer processor. The small chipset contains powerful strength, and the power and speed cannot be underestimated. With faster AI processing speed and up to 16GB of running memory, this upgrade demonstrates that S21 Ultra 5G has fast intelligent learning capabilities in many aspects. It also supports ultra-fast 5G connections. Compared with the previous generation, the CPU speed is increased by 20%, and the GPU speed is increased by 35%, and there is a big leap in performance. 12GB RAM (LPDDR5) + 256GB of large memory also guarantees heavy use. Most importantly, in terms of battery life, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, which guarantees high performance while also ensuring battery life. Looking at the performance of the 5G models in the first half of the year, there is no doubt that the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is super large. The battery capacity guarantees the endurance level of an excellent flagship.

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is equipped with 180 million rear camera modules. Seeing the parameters is exciting enough, in fact, the hand experience is even more impressive. In addition to the 108MP main camera, the rear camera module also includes a 40 million front camera, a 12 million ultra-wide-angle lens, and two 10 million telephoto lenses with different focal lengths that can achieve three times optical zoom and ten times optical zoom respectively. Compared with digital zoom, optical zoom is based on the conversion of lens modules. Even after 10x zoom, it can still maintain lossless image quality output, which provides us with richer operability for professional artistic creation in the telephoto range. . In addition, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is not only excellent in daily shooting performance, it can also tighten highlights and reduce noise in night scene shooting, so that we can still take clear photos with a better look in low light environments. Regarding the camera part, we will release more measured content in the follow-up, please continue to pay attention.

At the same time, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G also supports new 8K video recording. The improvement of hardware has brought huge changes to the picture quality. A higher shooting picture also means a higher tolerance. Even if part of the picture is cropped, the picture quality is still clear. Available. Of course, if you want a lighter video memory, you can also shoot videos in 4K 60 frames, 1080P and other formats. In addition, the super anti-shake mode further expands the available scenes, and the lens can be moved freely during exercise. The upgraded super anti-shake has a more stable performance, which is sufficient for all shooting in daily life. At the same time, in terms of shooting functions, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G also adds a variety of innovative gameplay methods such as director mode, condensed shooting, and AI one-key multiple shooting 2.0, simplifying the operation and allowing more people to intuitively express their creative desires. It’s an amazing thing.

After opening the director mode, you can preview the images shot by the wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto lenses at the same time. Click any of the viewfinder windows to achieve seamless switching, eliminating the need to pause and then shoot, and easily make complex shots And clip effects of the video. In addition, the director mode can also achieve simultaneous shooting with the front and rear cameras, while presenting what you see in front of you and the real-time reaction of the creator, which greatly enhances the expressive power of the video. The AI one-key multi-shot function allows users to complete shooting with one key, using artificial intelligence to convert the shooting screen into photos and videos that can be shared instantly for selection, and users can directly share edited personalized videos and photos.

From the actual hardware to the metaphysical experience, the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is almost perfect. Who would reject a perfect model? The Samsung S21 Ultra 5G deserves such a compliment. In the new year, it has truly achieved no dead ends, and it has many bright spots in terms of performance. It is well-deserved for its all-round performance.

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