The appearance of the iPhone 13 exposed: thirteen does not smell good

According to the usual practice in previous years, Apple should hold a spring launch event in the near future, but as of now, Apple has only officially announced a global developer conference in June, and if there are no surprises, Apple is likely to put products on the shelves directly, including the new iPad Pro and AirTags.

And at the June developer conference, iOS 15 should be used as one of the main presentation points.

But compared to these things, we definitely care more about the iPhone, last year’s release of the iPhone 12, there is really not much to make consumers want to buy, many people have said “thirteen”, this year’s iPhone 13 (and possibly iPhone 12s) may become a surprise to people This year’s iPhone 13 (and possibly iPhone 12s) may become a surprise.

However, from all aspects of the news, “thirteen” may not really be as fragrant as imagined. The latest renders show that there will be some changes in the appearance of the next-generation iPhone, its rear lens is still placed in the upper left corner, and the layout has not changed much, but the entire lens module is covered by a one-piece cover glass.

That is to say, the next generation of iPhone rear lens will not be raised one by one like the iPhone 12, it will be covered by all the sensors through the one-piece cover glass and made completely black, making it look and feel when the integration will be stronger. But the only thing that needs to be spiteful is that it will increase the overall height of the bulge.

The second is a larger opening for the image module, which is related to the rumored use of a larger aperture sensor, the next generation of iPhone will use a 7P wide-angle lens with F/1.5 aperture, the physical level of making the opening increased. To be honest, the unity enhancement to give a good review, but the overall look seems less refined.

The last and the most important concern is: whether the bangs have disappeared or not? The answer is clear, it still exists, but it has been optimized.

The true full-screen that everyone wants is still not realized. The model diagram shows that the bangs of the next generation iPhone still exist, but the overall area has been reduced. The width of the bangs has been reduced from 34.83mm to 26.8mm, and the height has increased by 0.05mm, which looks a lot smaller than the iPhone 12.

In this way, its front looks quite a kind of then after the release of the iPhone X, a variety of Android bangs cell phones are popping up to follow the trend of design, although it increases the display area a bit, but it still takes a while to get used to.

The core configuration is definitely Apple’s A15 chip, reported only some time ago, this year’s A15 will use the second generation of 5nm process, that is, 5nm +, the process will be upgraded to N5P, the performance is about 20% higher, while power consumption will also be further reduced.

So as in previous years, performance is the least of the new iPhone’s worries, all the mainstream applications and games on the market, the phone can easily cope. However, last year’s A14 will appear in the process of some game play after a few minutes to begin to degrade the frequency, I do not know if the A15 can optimize it.

Although the new iPhone will only be released around September, the exposure now can not be fully confirmed, but from the above exposure, it is considered the highest possibility.

Another of our greatest concerns, or the price, from the two years of the iPhone price, it should still be about $850 to start, and still the lowest version ……

From the above information, you still feel “thirteen fragrance“?

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